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Q&A with Chiropractor

Q&A with Chiropractor

Dr. Alvin Hsu

(D.C.) Doctor of Chiropractic (U.S.A.) & HK Registered Chiropractor


1) How to carry backpacks and how to use them properly, in the prospect of spine protection?

A good backpacks need to have a few points

    - The weight load should not be more than 15% of the users weight.

    - The weight should be positioned as close to the back/spine of the user as possible.

    - the back pack should have adjustable straps to ensure a snug and close fit.

    - both backpack straps should be worn at all times.

    - when wearing the backpack the user should be able to comfortable stand straight and tall.

    Additionally factors to proper backpack and spine safety factor in spinal integrity and posture. These allow for good healthy muscles to help take off the load off the spine and through the muscles and bones.


2) Your professional opinions on how bad kids grow if they keep carrying school bags inappropriately as well as what other things kids need to watch out.

Overloading is a common problem in backpacks that gets overlooked. Bigger and wider backpacks with heavy ergonomic design will allow for better weight distribution - at the expense of overloading the spine. Spinal abuse can lead to children leading forward to shift the weight off their shoulders and onto their backs more.

Consequences of poor backpack usage can aggravate conditions such as scoliosis, hunchback, sloughed shoulders, various other posture related issues, breathing, and can decrease over all energy levels as well.


3) Your professional opinions on what the kids can do to sooth the burden of their backbones and to help them grow properly. 

- Spinal integrity is something that all children and families should have at the core of their health regiment.

- spinal integrity can be promoted through proper backpack usage, spinal exercises and regular spinal check ups to qualified spine experts.