Where to buy

Other Retailers and Online Stores (Since School Bags are seasonal products, most of the retailers below only have the bags available during Back to School period. )

Hong Kong

Authorised Resellers 

  • LCX 
  • Design Gallery 
  • Reading Park
  • Joint Publishing 三聯書店
  • Comos Book Store 天地圖書
  • Yata Department Stores 一田百貨
  • The Commercial Press Book Stores 商務印書局
  • Citistore 千色店
  • Chung Hwa Book Companys 中華書局
  • Aeon Department Stores
  • Apita Department Stores
  • Toys r Us 玩具反斗城
  • Wonderland Superstore 奇趣天地
  • HKTVmall (Online)
  • Funny MAMA Collection 好玩媽媽 (Online)
  • Japan Home City (Online)
  • The Club by HKT (Online)


Authorised Resellers - Back To School Period

  • Yaohan Department Store
  • Chi Fu Commercial Centre
  • Wan Tat Book Stores


Authorised Resellers

  • Bearboss Collections 三創
  • www.bearboss.com
  • Momo 購物網
  • PChome
  • Books.com.tw 博客來


Authorised Resellers

  • https://www.mcbay.com.sg
  • Popular Book Stores
  • Urban Write
  • Robinsons