KAGS is formed by a group of parents who do know the needs of the junior pupils in Asia. 

It took us a couple of years to design and fine tune all the minor details to fit the need of our children. We also spent a lot of time to investigate on the textile market to find out the best materials we can use to make the toughest and lightest backpack possible at a reasonable price. In addition, other than just being very practical, we want our children to look smart. A lot of us have had enough nerdy looking school bags. That's why we hired senior fashion & bag designers to make sure everything functions well and looking trendy.

We all want our children to grow properly. We don't mean to just having good looking backpacks, but we want them to protect their spines that help them growing properly and healthily. In order to make sure we are doing the right thing, we have consulted chiropractors for the best solutions to give the children. 

We are not amateurs in making school bags. We have different partners coming from different industries to contribute to this venture so we can look at it from different aspect. We have experienced textile, printing, nursing and manufacturing specialist and we believe the background of each partner will make our products different.


KAGS only uses materials that pass safety tests. We surely do not want our children to carry our bags that contain toxic or any harmful materials. We carried out safety tests by Intertek for: 

  1. Formaldehyde - pass
  2. Handle Strength - pass
  3. Water Repellent - pass
  4. Loading - up to 42KG
  5. Flammability - pass
  6. Azo Dyes - pass




[Front buckles] supporting spine protection
[Side pockets] for water bottles or umbrellas 
[Zippers] Light reflection water resistant (only on Ashton Series)
[Strap Pocket] Touchless payment card 
[Elastic strap] large sized books, helping spine support
[Cushioned strap] minimised shoulder pressure 


We are KAGS. Solutions for your children's schooling.