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Embroided Badge Instructions for Perm

Instructions for Iron-On embroidered patches:

Always test with a few samples before applying to the actual product, as different fabric materials and thicknesses affect the result. Only apply to the actual product after making sure the right temperature, pressure, and time in seconds are achieved.

1. Check the fabric care label and heat tolerance carefully before proceeding. 

2. Preheat the iron to 140-160 degrees Celsius. Make sure the ‘STEAM’ function is off. 

3. Position the patch in place and turn the fabric inside out. For the best result, apply the heat transfer on the inner side of the fabric.

4. Hold the iron still and apply firm pressure for 10-20 seconds. DO NOT move the iron back and forth.

5. Let the patch cool down completely. Do not try to peel or move the patch until it is set.

*Applying the patch may negate the coating or function of the fabric material, i.e. water-repellent or non-flammable.

*Beware of any sharp objects or fingernails that may damage the embroidered patch's surface.