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KAGS teachings us the fashion ABCs to Asian primary school children’s school bags  

Dreading school already?  KAGS knows how that feels as we hear about Asia’s stressful primary education perhaps all too frequently.  While scraping homework and exams would be rather ambitious, we certainly can have some fun with our school bags.  KAGS - short for ‘kids bags’ - knows that Hong Kong kids need that little trendy twist to their school lives. Our founders are four pairs of Hong Kong professional parents coming from finance, accounting, medical, manufacturing and infants’ products backgrounds who joined their brains and expertise to make our kids’ school lives a little more exciting.  Knowing our kids would be commuting with the school bag everyday, we took our time to design the nitty gritty details of the bags. After years of going through tonnes of samples from around the world, speaking to primary school kids and parents, and ultimately testing our products out, KAGS eventually launched our virgin ABC in 2016.

From our passion for good design and the belief that the kids deserve to grow properly, with the sense of our home town with our surroundings, we have developed our brand.

We stand for the simple, the style, the functional and the practical; this is what we are striving for. We hope our products connect with you.