ASHTON Series 3 Ergonomic School Backpack for Primary School Pupils - Blue


ASHTON Series 3 comes with a large interior with two central compartments and two spacious side pockets for maximum organisation. We have especially added partitions and pockets in the front compartment to organise daintier belongings.

The ASHTON 3 is now even more durable than the previous version, other than the solid spine support function, ASHTON 3 also comes with cushioned straps and handles to maximise comfortability. The light reflective strips on the front panel of the bag also improves the safety of the child walking in the dark. The complimentary student card and touchless payment card holder can be plugged into either the neck strap provided or inside the backpack. Available in Magenta, Blue, and Navy, ASHTON 3 is perfect for junior primary school pupils who look for one bag that fits all.

  • Dimensions: W260 x D170 x H405 minimetres
  • Weight: 0.66 kilogram
  • Capacity: 17 litres
  • Suitable Height: < 135 centimetres
  • Colour: Magenta
  • Fabric: 900D polyester with water resistant coating


  1. Under 0.7kg Ultra Light Spine Support
  2. Strong Spine Support
  3. Water Repellent High Density 900D Material
  4. Light Reflection Water Resistant Zippers
  5. Complimentary Student Card & Touchless Payment Card Holder w/ Strap
  6. 2 Spacious Side Pockets for Water Bottles
  7. 2 Front Compartments for Accessories
  8. 2 Main Compartments for Textbooks and Exercise Books
  9. Signature Inner Elastic Strap for Better Spine Support
  10. iPad Compartment
  11. Reinforced Handle
  12. Light Reflection Material for Children Safety at Night
  13. Japanese Design Children Friendly Front Clip
  14. Non Flammable Material
  15. Designed for Junior Primary School Pupils
  16. Proudly Designed in Hong Kong by Parents

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